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Weedol Pathclear Power Sprayer Refill 5ltr

Weedol Pathclear Power Sprayer Refill 5ltr
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Linecode:  137983
Bar Code:  5010272100143
Part Number:  20014
Brand:  Weedol



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Weedol Pathclear Power Sprayer Refill 5L Weedol PS Pathclear Weedkiller kills weeds and prevents new ones. It creates an invisible barrier that prevents new weeds for up to 3 months and is ideal for paths, drives, and patios. 

Instructions for 1 litre spray gun, for larger sizes see instructions on back of pack.

  1. Shake well, before use. Mark out area to be treated in metre squares. Maximum dose of 30ml per 1m².
  2. Press down firmly on top of trigger head immediately behind yellow nozzle to depress safety tab. At the same time, twist nozzle to spray position (¼ turn either way).
  3. Hold 50cm away from the target. Lightly spray the weeds and surface in the area to be treated. Ensure weeds and soil are evenly wetted. Approximately 31 trigger pulls treat 1 square metre.
  4. Turn the nozzle to STOP position after use.

Visible effects in 14 days. Weed death may take up to 28 days (in cold weather activity is slower). To achieve maximum persistence of weed control, do not disturb or cultivate treated soil.

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