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Taylors Horseradish Bare Root Thongs Pack of 2

Taylors Horseradish Bare Root Thongs Pack of 2

Linecode:  43085
Bar Code:  5015882214419
Part Number:  SVEG18
Brand:  Taylor's Bulbs



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Taylor's Bulbs

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Taylors Bulbs Horseradish Bare Roots Double Pack offer a vigorous perennial herb that will return year after year for an increasing supply of hot, tangy roots. 'Horseradish' is quick to establish, easy to grow and requires little aftercare. Traditional accompaniment to Sunday lunch - nothing beats the taste of your own freshly grated horseradish root. Planted in ideal conditions, horseradish plants may become invasive, but can be grown in a container to control it's spread.  Harvest regularly for the best and most tender roots.

Supplied as Two Thongs of Horseradish ready bagged in soil.

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