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Suttons James Wong Homegrown Revolution - Purslane

Suttons James Wong Homegrown Revolution - Purslane
Suttons James Wong Homegrown Revolution - PurslaneSuttons James Wong Homegrown Revolution - PurslaneSuttons James Wong Homegrown Revolution - Purslane
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Suttons Seeds



Leaves that taste of mangetout and bramley apples

Part of the James Wong Homegrown Revolution Range.

Foolproof to grow. Unusual refreshing flavour. Continual harvesting during growing season. Succulent creeper with leaves that taste of mangetout and bramley apples.
Once a hugely popular salad vegetable in Tudor England, the ancient herb purslane is still a foodie staple all over the Mediterranean, from France to Greece, where it is used in everything from soups to crisp salads.
Its small, fleshy leaves and stems are filled with a crisp, succulent gel that has an unusual refreshing flavour that somehow blends mangetout and sour green apples. The best thing? It’s a weed that will thrive on any patch of dry, dusty ground.
Unusually the acid level of the crops (provided by malic acid, the same stuff that makes green apples taste sour) does fluctuate wildly over the course of each day, making them up to 10 times more sour when picked first thing in the morning than late in the afternoon. So choose when you pick these according to how much tang you fancy. The plants will provide continuous harvests until they are cut down by the first frosts. Sow: April-August. Harvest: May-October.

Full growing instructions given on packet.
Sow seeds 1cm (½") into sunny outdoor beds which have had plenty of grit incorporated into them. Once established, thin young plants to leave 10cm (4") between each one. The discarded thinned plants are great as microgreens for use in spring salads. Although excellent in dry conditions, watering will greatly improve the quality and succulence of the crop. Harvest leaves after 6-8 weeks of growing. For a continual supply throughout summer, sow monthly to ensure ample crop.

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