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Stewart Round Clear Plant Pot Saucer for 11-18.5cm Pots (2647008)

Stewart Round Clear Plant Pot Saucer for 11-18.5cm Pots (2647008)
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Bar Code:  5022938647084
Part Number:  2647008
Brand:  Stewart Garden



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Stewart Garden


Stewart Garden Clear Multi-Purpose Plant Saucer suitable for placement under 11-18.5cm pots, manufactured in high quality strong weathersafe plastic. Providing an excellent depth of 6cm so therefore suitable to retain a good quantity of water for the plant. Ideally suitable for indoor houseplant use for Orchids and many other plant varieties. Clear saucers benefit from easy visibility of water levels, and as a surface protector for a range of houseplant pots.

Plant saucers can be decorative and practical to ensure the correct water levels for plants, particularly when potted plants like to draw up water from below. Saucers can also be used as drip trays if the plants have to be watered from above such as indoor houseplants. Outdoors, plant saucers can catch rain water which is are an excellent way of ensuring plants are fully watered, especially during time away or during warmer weather.

Stewart Pot Saucers in others sizes and colours are also available in our range.

What You Need To Know?

  • Colour: Clear
  • Depth: 6cm
  • Fits Pot Bases: 11-18.5cm Diameter (max)
  • Construction: Strong Injected Plastic

Established in 1945... 
Stewart Garden has an enviable reputation as a proud-to-be UK manufacturer and leading brand in the Garden products market with expertise in high quality durable plastic containers. Within this market the Stewart Garden brand is widely recognised as representing high quality with a long-standing and well supported back-catalogue, ensuring availability.

Stewart Garden durable plastic planters are popular throughout the home garden market and popular in schools garden clubs too. Stewart support the garden community at many levels with the knowledge that container planting is a vital avenue for the future popularity of gardening hobby, due to smaller gardens and higher rental property markets. 'Take the garden with you', is now a vitally important aspect to modern gardening and investment in Stewart Garden pots and containers, encourages gardening with any garden space available to you. 


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