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Roseclear Ultra RTU1ltr

Roseclear Ultra RTU1ltr

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SKU:  59790
Bar Code:  5010272088212
Part Number:  17681
Brand:  Clear


RoseClear Ultra RTU 1L RoseClear Ultra Gun! Is a systemic insecticide and fungicide with 3 in 1 action. It kills aphids, controls blackspot, powdery mildew and rust and protects for up to 21 days to prevent further attacks. Contains acetamiprid and triticonazole. 

  1. Press down firmly on top of trigger head immediately behind the yellow nozzle to depress the safety tab (1/4 turn either way).
  2. At same time twist nozzle to 'SPRAY' position. Spray plants thoroughly to wet upper and lower surfaces of leaves. Turn nozzle to the 'Stop' position after use.
  3. To minimise the risk to bees spray early morning (7am-9am) or evening (6pm-8pm), when bees are less active.