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Neptune 8300 Greenhouse 8' x 10'

Neptune 8300 Greenhouse 8' x 10'

Price:  £937.00   (Inc. 20% VAT)

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8300 8' X 10' Green Base8300 8' X 10' Green Base
8300 8' X 10' Grey Base8300 8' X 10' Grey Base

SKU:  219201
Bar Code:  5703774202933
Part Number:  21139
Brand:  Vitavia




The Neptune (Merkur) – a quality greenhouse, 2.57m (8’5”) wide with a single, sliding door with a simple lever mechanism to hold it in any desired position. Corner plates at both eaves and ridge, together with roof and side braces, give this building improved strength. Available in 4 sizes and with higher eaves (1.35m/4’5”) than usually associated with this type of greenhouse, the Neptune (Merkur) also has the Vitavia standard gutter. The complete Vitavia range is available in both powder coated green or anodised aluminium*

As the 'grow your own' philosophy continues to gather momentum, there has never been a better time to buy a greenhouse.

With a wide range of quality products at affordable prices, suitable for every situation, Vitavia has become the first choice for gardeners when selecting their greenhouse. A Vitavia greenhouse makes 'growing your own' easy and every sale is backed by our total commitment to customer care.

The range has been developed by an expert team and their products are manufactured in the dedicated Vitavia factory under strict quality guidelines.

From absolute beginner to accomplished professional, whatever type of gardener you are, Vitavia has something to suit you. From a Gaia cold frame, to many sizes of Ida wall garden, from greenhouses in many styles and sizes (6x4 to 8x20) to garden room styled greenhouses, they have it covered.

The beauty of a greenhouse is you are no longer restricted to what you can grow. The majority of fruit and vegetables not only grow, but thrive in the conditions a greenhouse offers.

Vitavia means ‘the way of life’ and for many people growing your own with Vitavia has become a very rewarding way of life.


Please Note!  - Pictures may not match the description, see the brochure above for more information!




See above: Green Base / Grey Base / Black Base

It is essential that every Vitavia greenhouse is built on a completely square, firm and level slab or concrete base. The steel perimeter base should then be fixed down to the concrete or slab base using raw plugs and screws.

Alternatively, anchor spikes are included in the base kit which can be used for installation on soft ground, soil or grass if preferred. The anchor spikes are to be placed in each corner of the perimeter frame, then concrete each spike into the ground to hold the frame in place.

Additional basses can vary in size, see the VItavia Brochure for more information.

Vitavia prefabricated steel bases are available as an accessory for all Vitavia models. Matching coloured bases are available for painted greenhouses too. Using a Vitavia base will add an extra 12.5cm (5”) to the height of the greenhouse.

With the Vitavia range of greenhouses you have a choice of three glazing options;


                            Standard 3mm Horticultural Glass                       Toughened Safety 3mm Glass                                Polycarbonate – 4mm or 6mm twin wall

1). 3mm Horticultural glass is the standard glazing option for most hobby greenhouses. It is clear glass and is inexpensive.  Widely available from most glaziers, in short pane sheets measuring 610mm x 610mm (24″ x 24″).  Unlike safety glass, when horticultural glass breaks it can result in dangerously sharp shards.

2). Toughened/tempered safety glass is more expensive than standard horticultural glass but having undergone a thermal toughening process (to British standard EN 12150-1) it can withstand greater pressures and if it does break it will shatter safely into hundreds of tiny beads.  Being tougher, this glazing option has an added aesthetic advantage in that it can be produced in longer panes which fit the full height of the greenhouse frame, removing the need for connecting hooks or plastic strips which are required with shorter panes.

3).  Available as 4mm or 6mm, twin walled polycarbonate is a strong, safe, light weight plastic material which provides good insulation.  The disadvantages are it is opaque and slightly more expensive than standard glass.  Already popular with the European market, especially Germany, its popularity is increasing in the UK.

Which will it be, the choice is yours!

Delivery is direct from the manufacturer and the cost is included in the price of the Greenhouse structure.

There are varying time scales for the delivery of your greenhouse, some will already be in stock with the manufacturer so will have a quicker delivery time. Others will have to be made to order so will have a longer delivery period. You will be contacted in due course of your purchase with an exact delivery date and time.

We advise that somebody is at the given address to receive the delivery.


At Bosworths we provide an installation service, dependent on location and if the greenhouse will be laying on a flat base, grass, paved stones, concrete etc.

 Click here to contact us before your purchase for a quote on an installation price, we will be able to put this through as a separate order for you.

 Click here to view Vitavia's Youtube page with installation videos and more information.


If you would also like to discuss extra flooring and base options, our landscaping team is happy to assist here. We can offer a variety of flooring options including:


                   Solid paved base throughout your greenhouse                   Perimeter base                                   Solid concrete base           

Our landscaping team will be able to visit and prepare your garden for your greenhouse, ready for the installation.

Click here to contact us before your purchase for a quote on extra flooring options, we will be able to put this through as a separate order for you.