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Alocasia Zebrina 17cm

Alocasia Zebrina 17cm£34.99

Anthurium andr. Champion 14cm

Anthurium andr. Champion 14cm£16.99

Anthurium Pink 12cm

Anthurium Pink 12cm£7.99

Begonia Betulia Light Pink 19cm

Begonia Betulia Light Pink 19cm£13.99

Cactus mix 10.5cm

Cactus mix 10.5cm£5.99

Cactus Mix Real desert 5.5cm

Cactus Mix Real desert 5.5cm£1.99

Calathea mix 14cm

Calathea mix 14cm£12.99

Ceropegia Kokodama 12cm Hanging

Ceropegia Kokodama 12cm Hanging£15.99

Chrysanthemum Grazi 12cm

Chrysanthemum Grazi 12cm£2.99

Chrysanthemum ind. mix 13cm

Chrysanthemum ind. mix 13cm£6.99

Foliage Plants mix 10cm

Foliage Plants mix 10cm£16.99

Kalanchoe pink 10.5cm

Kalanchoe pink 10.5cm£3.99

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Page 1 of 4:    46 Items
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