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Grasses and Ferns

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Ferns 7.5ltr

Ferns 7.5ltr£29.99

Cortaderia Sellosa mix 23cm

Cortaderia Sellosa mix 23cm£20.99

Pleioblastus Simonii 3ltr Bamboo

Pleioblastus Simonii 3ltr Bamboo£20.99

Ferns In Variety 3ltr

Ferns In Variety 3ltr£13.99

Sporobolus J.S Delicatesse 3ltr

Sporobolus J.S Delicatesse 3ltr£12.99

Carex Everest 3ltr£8.99

Carex Evergold 3ltr£8.99

Carex Frosted Curls 3ltr£8.99

Hakonechloa Aureola 3ltr£8.99

Ornamental Grasses Mix 15cm

Ornamental Grasses Mix 15cm£8.99

Sesleria Autumnalis Grass 17cm£8.99

Stipa Gigantea 3ltr£8.99

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Page 1 of 2:    20 Items