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Gardena Soaker Hose 15M

Gardena Soaker Hose 15M

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SKU:  18915
Bar Code:  4078500196901
Part Number:  1969-20
Brand:  Gardena


Gardena Soaker Hose 15m The Gardena Soaker Hose is particularly well suited for targeted, water-saving irrigation of plant rows, because it fulfils its function even with low pressure. The Soaker Hose has a length of 15 m. It can be shortened or extended through simple connecting up to maximum 30 m. For water-sparing irrigation of plant rows.

Targeted, water-sparing irrigation of plants rows
Compared to traditional irrigation methods, you can achieve 70% water saving with the Gardena Soaker Hose.

Ready for connection
The Soaker Hose is equipped with all connection fittings – and is ready-to-use.

Easy to use
The flow rate and pressure can be reduced easily and comfortably to the ideal working pressure (0,5 - 1 bar) with a control valve.