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Fungus Clear Ultra 225ml

Fungus Clear Ultra 225ml

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Linecode:  34729
Bar Code:  5010272090185
Part Number:  18986
Brand:  Clear


Fungus Clear Ultra 225ml FungusClear Ultra is a systemic protection and control of blackspot, powdery mildew and rust. Use on roses and other flowering or ornamental plants and protects new growth, protects plants for over 3 months. 

  1. Apply using a garden pressure sprayer washed before and after use.
  2. Shake product well.
  3. Using measuring cap provided add 15ml for each litre of water in the sprayer.
  4. Shake sprayer to mix thoroughly and use immediately.
  5. Spray evenly, to just wet upper and lower surfaces of leaves. Avoid spray run-off from leaves. Avoid spray drift onto food crops.

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