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Tuesday, 17 January 2017  |  Admin

10 Pole

Shown to my plot I was informed it being a "10 Pole".  I am still unsure what this means exactly other than to say it seemed huge with the end of the plot being a very long distance away and a vast amount of weeds between the two points.  Still I was determined to take on the challenge.  This was back in October / November last and I have spent many windswept weekend days getting rid of the weeds

The previous plot owner had left some brussel sprouts on the site and I have been harvesting these gradually over the winter months.  I seem to be the only one in the family that actually likes brussel spouts, and they are especially nice in a home made bubble and squeak!

I have also discovered a new vocabulary since working the plot.  I have been "chitting" seed potatoes which for anyone who doesnt know is allowing the new shoots to come through before they are planted out.  Click here to see the online range of seed potatoes

The office at home which was once a techie heaven has now given way to seed trays and mini propagators all vying for space on the window sill.   I now have courgettes, butternut squash, parsley, aubergine and tomatoes on the go.

It is surprising how satisfying it is to see the first shoots start appearing through the compost, the tomatoes being the first to grow.  I now feel I have a responsibility to each of the new seedlings to nurture it to a full plant.

I am now accumulating a nice little collection of garden tools and the boot of the car is now resembling a potting bench.

The "chitted" potatoes went in to the ground at the weekend and I am looking forward to hopefully see these start growing soon.

Looking round the little shanty town of plots the only thing I seem to be missing is a shed.  There are some very elaborate structures there, some of which look like they have been ad-hoc added to over the years.  One looks like it even has a full working stove in there and chairs so after all the hard work of digging and weeding the plotter can enjoy a nice cup of tea !!